Friday, May 29, 2009

Free Chapstick

Burt's Bees is celebrating its 25th anniversary with 25 days of giveaways. Each day between 9 and 12 (Eastern Time) they give away 1,000 chapsticks. The giveaway can start any time in those hours. I've been trying the past couple of days and finally got through today. So, go ahead and give it a try. The daily giveaway will continue through June 20.

* I entered my info about 3 minutes ago. I just checked back, and it says that the 1,000 has been reached. So, I think they go quickly. Good luck!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shopping Lists 5/27-6/2


Want some coupons?

Sign up at Home Made Simple to get $30 in coupons in the mail.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I just discovered an awesome blog, Sales Addict. Thanks Kelly for posting the link! I've just scanned it, but already I've signed up for a free PF Chang lettuce wrap and package of hotdogs. I'll be watching this blog for sure!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shopping List Preview

PYP already has this coming week's shopping lists complete. I'll update the links tomorrow to the all-in-one list, but for now here are the previews...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shopping Lists 5/13-5/19

PYP has requested no copying of their lists. They allow links to the shopping lists, so I'll post that every week for quick reference. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be posting soon about reading the lists and will answer any questions you have.

Shopping List (this is the all-in-one list, if you want a specific store, choose from the drop-down menu)

Double Coupons

Sometimes stores offer to double coupons. Some stores even have it as their regular coupon policy. (Unfortunately, none in Utah do to my knowledge.) Recently, Albertsons started including a few double coupons in their Sunday ads. Here is what you need to know about double coupons...

* Double coupons will double the discount of a manufacturer coupon. Ie: $.50 off will be doubled to $1 off.
* Double coupons have specified limits. Usually, they will double up to $1 or $2. The Albertsons doublers are limited to $1. So, if you have a $.25 coupon, it would be doubled to $.50. A $1 coupon would be doubled to $2 off. But, a $1.10 coupon is above the limit and would not double. Some stores would adjust the $1.10 coupon to the max $2. But, Albertsons doesn't allow doubling on coupons over $1.
* Give the cashier the coupons that you would like doubled with the doublers before the rest of the coupons. That way you know you get the biggest discount. You'll want to double the highest value coupons you are using that day, that are within the limit.

Rumor has it that there will be doublers in the Albertsons flier on Sunday. :)

Childrens Place $9.99 and under sale

Childrens Place is my favorite place to shop for my kids. They started their $9.99 and under Summer sale today. The spring markdowns are still there too. PYP has a code for an extra 15% off here. Check it out!

Free Chocolate Anyone???

Every Friday through September, Mars is giving away free chocolate. Go here to enter your information to get a coupon mailed to you. Personally I think it's funny that you have to wait 6 weeks to get the coupon. But, it will be a fun surprise when it shows up!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Who doesn't love Arby's? They have some of the yummiest sandwiches (turkey bacon club, for starters...) and their curly fries are so good. I joined Arby's Extras awhile ago. You can sign up here, then they send you coupons by email. They've had some good ones in the few months that I've been a member. The other day I received an email saying that they have specials every Wednesday throughout the summer and listed this months deals. Also, if you call in and complete a survey on the back of the receipt, you can get a free sandwich to go along. This full list was posted on pyp.

13 - Free Roastburger with any soft drink purchase
20 - Free Chocolate Malt Swirl Shake with any sandwich purchase
27 - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase

3 - Free Iced FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
10 - Free Roast Chicken Club with any soft drink purchase
17 - Free Regular Sidekickers® with any sandwich purchase
24 - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase

1 - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase
8 - Free Orange Cream Swirl Shake with any sandwich purchase
15 - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
22 - Free Roastburger with any soft drink purchase
29 - Free Iced FruiTea with any sandwich purchase

5 - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
12 - Free Roast Chicken Club with any soft drink purchase
19 - Free Iced FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
26 - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase

PYP Giveaway

PYP is having another great giveaway-- a $50 Albertsons gift card! Go here to enter the contest. You need to be a member of PYP to enter (with at least 5 posts), so if you haven't joined yet, now's the time! The contests runs until 5/31.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To the beginning couponer

I had the opportunity to take a new couponer I met through PYP shopping a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. She got some great deals, and I hope that she keeps at it. I noticed, though, that she was a little skeptical. I've been thinking since then and wanted to write a post to new couponers.

When you start out, it's hard to see the point. You have your first set of inserts, just a fraction of the coupons that are out there. And your pantry is living shopping trip to shopping trip. There is no reserve.

I'd suggest getting what deals you can. When you see something that you have a coupon for that is a good deal, stock up (that's where the need for multiple coupons comes in). Don't buy just one!! Then, shop for everything else like normal. Slowly, you will see your stockpile fill up and you will be shopping from it more and the store less. I once heard a couponer describe her food storage as a store where everything is 75% off. Who wouldn't want to shop there?

I find myself buying only "hot" deals in my grocery trips in addition to necessary perishables. I pass up a lot of "good" sales to wait for the even better deals, because I can. I just use my storage. It takes awhile to get to this stage, but is wonderful when you get there.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Soft Scrub

Today at Albertsons, I bought a bottle of Soft Scrub cleaning gel w/bleach. A catalina printed with a code to complete a survey. I completed the survey and will get $5 in the mail. I already love soft scrub, but I made $1.50 buying it today (I paid $3.49 and will receive $5). Even better!

Kraft Printables

Kraft has some great printable coupons right now. They are on 3 separate sites, so you can print 2 on each site. Many of them match up with this week's Albertsons sale. See more information here on pyp.

Here are the links to the coupons:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How much?

5 Secret Deodorant
3 Crest Toothpaste

Simple list. Give me your guesses. What was my total?

(Last time someone asked what to base guesses on. Just tell me your Walmart guess, how much you'd expect to pay there.)

Average guess: $11.38
Actual cost: $5.60

Albertsons Gas Rewards

Last week, we saved $23 in gas. Want to know how? Albertsons has a gas rewards program. For every $50 you spend, you earn a $.05 discount on gas. It accumulates on your preferred card until you use the reward up to $1.50. You can buy 20 gallons at the discounted price. We wanted to get the maximum discount possible, so we let it accumulate to $1.15, then took both cars in to fill them up. You can see the details here (click on gas rewards in the lower left hand corner).